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If you would like to submit a compliment for a City associate, City Councilor, or the City in general, click on Ask the City and select the “Compliment” Type of Service category. Thank you!

Mr. Bob Beauford of 1624 Thunderbird ST called to advise Tony Quintero, unit 660 did a great job at finding a gas leak inside his home. Mr. Beauford wanted to say thank you to him and have his supervisors know that he was extremely helpful and knowledge. Mr. Beauford also wanted to advise that due to Tony’s help they felt comfortable falling asleep safely in their home.

From: Mr. Bob Beauford
To: Tony Quintero (Technician Gas Services)

Ellen Richter called a little bit ago. A man came to her house yesterday and she wanted to call and tell his supervisor how happy she was with him. He was professional and very thorough. They have had issues with foul smelling water, he checked everything thoroughly and checked all of the chemicals in the water. He was a joy to see and did his job well.

From: Ellen Richter, Resident
To: Balduino Sepulveda, H2O PRO SYS OP SR

Ms. Michaud called to thank the codes officers that assisted her on August 25th. She called central dispatch because she had a rattlesnake on her back porch. She was pleased that 2 Animal Control officers arrived to her house within 10 minutes. She did not get their names, but would like to thank them for their timely response, and removing the animal from her property.

From: Gretchen Michaud
To: Codes Enforcement

Ms. Michaud called to express her gratitude for the service she received on August 20th. She contacted dispatch at 5:30 a.m. because she was having water pressure problems. The serviceman that came out tested the pressure and explained that the water pressure was fine on the city side, but the problem might have been with her water softener system. Ms. Michaud did not get the serviceman’s name, but was grateful for him coming out so early in the morning and taking the time to explain to her the problem. It ended up being her water softener system causing the issues.

From: Gretchen Michaud
To: Las Cruces Utilities