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If you would like to submit a compliment for a City employee or the City in general, click on Ask the City and select the “Compliment” Type of Service category. Thank you!

I would like to send a thank you to your department for always assisting us when needed.

I would like to give a special thank you to Dave Duncan. He is always very quick to answer my emails and is always willing to assist me with any questions that I have. His quick turnaround on everything I request makes me look good, and I really appreciate that. He is always friendly and when I send him a request I never feel like a bother. He is patient with my questions and very polite. If there is a way to recognize Dave for his customer service I would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you for all of the work that your department does to help us get our PO’s processed and answer our questions.

You and your team are amazing!!!!

From: Melissa Del Ferraro, G. Sandoval Construction, Inc.
To: Deb Smith & Dave Duncan, Purchasing

Kudos to Elizaido Valles of the Public Works Department for loaning the Fire Department two street barricades.

We needed them to create signs showing where people should park when participating in our recent public agility tests.

These barricades made it very easy to see where we wanted people to park!

Thank you so much!

From: Ron Schulmeister, Lieutenant, LCFD
To: Public Works

Kudos to Elizaido Valles, Joe Lara, and Albert Johnson of the Public Works Department, who delivered and spread numerous dump truck loads of asphalt millings around our exterior live-fire props at our training tower. This has resulted in zero vegetation growth to date, creating a much cleaner and safer training environment.

Kudos also goes to Lisa Murphy and Danny Valdez of the Las Cruces International Airport, who supplied the millings.

Thanks so much to everyone!

From: Ron Schulmeister, Lieutenant, LCFD
To: Public Works and Airport Staff

After a brief correspondence between Las Cruces resident Roger Hedrick and Streets and Traffic Operations Administrator Willie Roman regarding street improvements, Hedrick commended staff for a job well done.

His correspondence reads in part..."Thank you for your timely response….On behalf of the Flora Vista neighbors and myself, thanks again for your good work and your responsiveness. Flora Vista looks great again. We could not be any happier."

Respectively yours,

Roger K Hedrick

From: Roger Hedrick, Las Cruces Resident
To: Streets and Traffic Operation Section