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After a brief correspondence between Las Cruces resident Roger Hedrick and Streets and Traffic Operations Administrator Willie Roman regarding street improvements, Hedrick commended staff for a job well done.

His correspondence reads in part..."Thank you for your timely response….On behalf of the Flora Vista neighbors and myself, thanks again for your good work and your responsiveness. Flora Vista looks great again. We could not be any happier."

Respectively yours,

Roger K Hedrick

From: Roger Hedrick, Las Cruces Resident
To: Streets and Traffic Operation Section

Thank you! I think you're the best, most responsive department in the City!

From: Tom Reavey, Resident
To: Street and Traffic Operations Section/Public Works Department

Called to say he appreciated that the issue he reported yesterday was taken care of so quickly. He had requested blading the pavement/wash boards at Tucson & Del Rey due to a lot of rock. He thanked everyone.

From: Joe, Resident
To: Street and Traffic Operations’ Road Construction Crew

Called to say a BIG thank you to everyone that helped with potholes next to the easement by her property at Derringer which caused water to settle in when it rained. She was extremely happy and at the same time surprised that she called Wednesday to report this problem and by Friday it had already been taken care of. Thanking office staff for taking the call, supervisors and crew men for doing the work.

From: Mona McVann, Resident
To: Street and Traffic Operations’ Road Construction Pothole Crew