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Reduce Standing Water 2017

The City of Las Cruces is reminding residents to help prevent the breeding of mosquitoes by eliminating standing water from tarps, tires, buckets, plant saucers, clogged rain gutters, wheelbarrows, wading pools and other containers. Bird baths and pet water dishes should be emptied, cleaned, and refilled at least twice a week. Residents are also advised to repair leaking faucets and sprinkler heads.

For standing water that can’t be drained, local home improvement, hardware, and garden supply stores offer products like “Pre-strike” mosquito granules, “Mosquito Bits,” and “Mosquito Dunks,” that can be applied to the water for long-term control of developing mosquitoes. Read and comply with label directions.

Make your home mosquito-tight by repairing or replacing widow screens and screen doors. Mow your lawn regularly, and keep vegetation trimmed back around entrances.

Mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn. Plan your activities to avoid peak populations and use mosquito repellant. A variety of products are available. Choose and use one that works for you. Read and follow label instructions. Wearing loose-fitting, light-colored clothing, long sleeves and pants, shoes and socks, will all reduce bites.

Mosquito hotlines:
City of Las Cruces: 541-2547
Doña Ana County Vector: 526-815