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City Activates Cooling Stations 2017

With daytime temperatures at or above 100 degrees and the National Weather Service forecasting continued 100 degree days through Sunday, the City of Las Cruces has activated five facilities as cooling stations. A cooling station is a place that offers temporary shelter from the heat for the elderly, other high-risk residents, and the general public.

The cooling stations will be open and staffed until 8 p.m. each day, including weekends, until the temperature drops below 100 degrees. For cooling stations to be activated, the temperature must be 100 degrees or higher for two consecutive days.

The cooling stations are:

  • Frank O’Brien Papen Community Center, 304 W. Bell St. (575/528-3000)
  • Henry R. Benavidez Community Center ,1045 McClure Rd. (575/541-2005)
  • Meerscheidt Recreation Center, 1600 E. Hadley Ave. (575/541-2563)
  • Munson Center, 975 S. Mesquite St. (575/541-3000)
  • Sage Café, 6121 Reynolds Dr. (575/528-3151)

Cooling stations provide immediate, temporary relief during periods of extreme heat. They are not intended as overnight emergency shelters.