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City Manager to hold “Runfast” for Breakfast! to mark Global Running Day 2017

City Manager Stuart C. Ed will demonstrate his support for Global Running Day tomorrow with a three-mile “Runfast” for Breakfast! beginning at 6:15 a.m. from the front of City Hall, 700 N. Main St.

Accompanying Ed will be 12 cadets with Las Cruces Fire Department’s Academy 31, along with instructors and other fire department personnel. Ed, an avid runner said, “This is a great opportunity for Las Crucens to join runners around the world in showing their support for running as a sport, recreational opportunity, for wellness and just plain fun!”

Ed also issued an open invitation to all City employees interested in participating in tomorrow morning’s “Runfast” for Breakfast!

According to its website, “Global Running Day is a day for people around the world to celebrate the joys of running. Participation is easy – just pledge to take part in some type of running activity on June 7, 2017. It can be a solo lap around the block, a long run with friends, or even a game of tag with your kids. The key is to share your passion for the sport and inspire others to get moving.”

More information can be accessed at:

“Runfast” for Breakfast! Route

  1. City Hall to Main Street
  2. Main to “racetrack” Bowman Avenue and Church Street
  3. Church to Las Cruces Avenue
  4. Las Cruces to Mesquite Street
  5. Mesquite to Lucero Avenue
  6. Lucero to Almendra Street
  7. Almendra to Las Cruces
  8. Las Cruces to Manzanita Street
  9. Manzanita to Griggs Avenue
  10. Griggs to Campo Street
  11. Campo to Amador Avenue
  12. Amador to Main Street
  13. Main to City Hall