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Las Cruces Recognizes National Planning Month 2017

October is National Planning Month. The City of Las Cruces Community Development, Planning section, is coordinating activities at City Hall (700 N. Main Street) and the Museum of Nature and Science (411 N. Main), to highlight the importance of planning. The series of events begins Monday, October 16, with a Planning Month Exhibit on the 2nd Floor Balcony of City Hall. Other events include video screenings, an open house and lectures.

This year's theme: Innovation in Planning, underscores the important role planning plays in addressing and adapting to challenges faced by communities in the 21st century.

Innovation is everything from using data sources and technology to address issues — including inequality, access to transportation, and social mobility — to celebrating new approaches to creating communities of lasting value. For more information visit the American Planning Association’s webpage, or call Brian Byrd at (575) 528-3209.

National Planning Month Activities




Planning Month Exhibit

Location: City Hall 2nd floor Balcony

Date: Monday, 10/16 – Friday, 10/29

Time:Open during business hours, 8-5pm

Exhibit of Planning Activities throughout the City of Las Cruces.

Urban Planning Video Screenings

Location: Conference Room 2007-B

Date: Monday, 10/16 - Friday, 10/20

Time: Session 1- 11am-12pm;

Session 2- 12pm-1pm

Various short videos about themes such as urban planning, public space, transportation, etc. The screening is offered twice each day.

Arts and Culture Open House

Location: Museum of Nature and Science, 411 N. Main

Date: October 18, 2017

Time: 12:00-7:00 pm

Share your thoughts on the vision, goals, impact, and importance of arts and culture activities in Las Cruces at an Arts and Culture Open House.

"An Introduction to Cultivating Strong Towns"

Location: Conference Room 2007-C

Date: Wednesday, 10/25

Time: 11am-12pm

A series of leaders will explore proven and emerging strategies for planning, building, and managing Strong Towns, including incremental development, economic gardening, lean codes and much more.

Civil Rights and City Planning Workshop

Location: Conference Room 2007-C

Date: Thursday, 10/26

Time: 12pm-1pm

Examines the interaction between city planning and civil rights and explores how planning can address inequity.

*All events except for the Open House will be held at City Hall located at 700 N. Main Street Las Cruces, NM 88001